AVG Internet Security 8.5 and AVG Anti-Virus 8.5 is now in Indonesian language and support on its security level is adjusted with malicious programs and viruses that often around Indonesia.

AVG Anti-Virus 8.5 and AVG Internet Security 8.5 was created to meet the needs of home and small offices. This offer was created on AVG's commitment to create protectionist until a safe, compact, more intelligent, environmentally friendly and relevant to users who want a sense of security.

AVG Anti-Virus will protect computer users from the threat of viruses, spywareantrojans, worms and rootkits. AVG Anti-Virus provides protection that is easy to use and powerful efeisien can make more focused use a computer and not too busy thinking about security issues.

AVG Internet Security provides real-time protection and comprehensive deal with the threat. Includes Active Surf-Shield & Search-Shield Technologies and Identity Protection. The uniqueness of the Active Surf-Shield & Search-Shield Technologies is protecting computer users in real time against cyber threats at the time of the link.

AVG Identity Program has also been moved forward by using the latest technology to detect and block unknown threats before damage to the existing system


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