Piracy, has become one of the worst disease that struck the entire world. Many of party that injured because this thing, especially in software industry . So, it's difficult to eliminate it from software industry for especially and the other.Microsoft as one of many companies whose products are pirated in market revealed an attitude that shows the company is more confident against the problem than ever.

In addition to the protection scheme that WGA, Microsoft said also that the educated IT ( Information of Technology ) market will help to curb this piracy.

Beside its WGA protection schemes, Microsoft says that an educated IT market is what's helping curb piracy. Speaking at a Windows 7 launch in the Philippines, Microsoft Philippines Inc., managing director John Bessey said, "We were surprised by the demand for Windows 7 [in the Philippines] not just in number but also the good feedback for new users.".

Bessey said that Microsoft was devoting more resources to making the public aware of the dangers in using pirated and cracked versions of Windows, which might be more susceptible to viruses and malware like backdoor.

Of course, discounted licenses and upgrades are also good ways to entice users to go legit.

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