Despite the marketing push, Microsoft developers do not try to hide the fact that Windows 7 is an extension of efforts made for Windows Vista.

Windows 7 fixed or improved many of the things people didn't like about Windows Vista, but Raimund Genes, CTO of security firm Trend Micro, has found something that he much preferred in the earlier OS.

Genes said that Microsoft made design decisions this time around that sacrificed security in the interest of usability, mostly because of Microsoft dialing back User Account Control (UAC).

"I'm not saying Windows 7 is insecure, but out of the box Vista is better," Genes told The Register.

"I was disappointed when I first used a Windows 7 machine that there was no warning that I had no anti-virus, unlike Vista," Genes said. "There are no file extension hidden warnings either. Even when you do install anti-virus, warnings that it has not been updated are almost invisible."

"Windows 7 may be an improvement in terms of useability but in terms of security it's a mistake, though one that isn't that surprising. When Microsoft's developers choose between usability and security, they will always choose useability," Genes argued.

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  1. ame // December 25, 2009 at 8:40 PM  

    Ouch.. that's disappointing.. But for me it's okay.. I prefer usability too.. I've installed anti-virus and until now, my windows 7 is still secure :)

    Thanks for sharing :)