In the aviation about airplane, there are so many stuff that have to use to support the flight, just like ordinary navigation deice or others, it is like telex 850 headset which are used for reducing the obstacle sounds from wind which crash out the plane, it is believed as the best headset in aviation because it has special program that can receive the best quality sound of signal. The others is Vxa 220, it also one of the navigation tools which is used for flight; it is vice in the front side of the navigator board that used for signing the signal existed.

Transportation has been being the greatest field which is so needed by all the people in the world, because it is related to the movement of so many people that want to do their activity. There are so many kinds of transportation tools which are used by so many people like car, vessel, airplane; those are based on the track where the transportations tool work. When the people need a land movement, it is sure that they have to use car as their transportation, and when they are in the sea, they have to use ship or vessel to get movement in, and the last transportation which can bring us flying up in the sky is plane, it is the most fastest transportation that can be used to get sky movement, airplane is also as the most expensive transportation which have existed.