One of the online business that is easy for us to followed on the new online business is PPC Program (pay per click), the PPC program is a program where we will get paid from ad clicks that we put it in your blog or website, we may often hear Google Adsense is a PPC program on the most widely followed by the online business world, but one of the shortcomings of adsense is not or has not supported this program for your blog or web language Indonesia, but we do not have worried because it was already many programs PPC programs locally-made children who did not lose land ama adsense, one of them is kumpulblogger.
Blogger Network Indonesia is to get extra income alternatives, by providing spot / room in this blog as a place to deliver commercial messages from the Advertiser, Target Market is Blogger Indonesia and Local Advertiser, which Blogger provides Media and Commercial Advertiser Supplying Message in blogs that are connected to the network

As a Blogger (Publisher), we will be paid Rp. 300-per-click if you use the Text Link and Rp. 400-per-click if using a Mini Banner. The number of clicks is determined by Unique IP Address Visitor. Now, for the cheating, the number of clicks they will not be in the count.

Kumpulblogger also use the referral system. We'll get a commission if you recommend friends to join in kumpulblogger. We'll get to Rp.25 Ads Text Links mode from each of the clicks you receive your friends. Whereas for Mode Mini Banner Ads, you will get Rp. 50. Payoutnya minimum is 10,000 rupiah

Ads Sample :

Payments are provided in Kumpulblogger until now there are 4 through:
1. Paypal
2. Bank BCA
3. Bank Niaga
4. Bank Mandiri

To more clearly about mngetahui or if you are interested to join in this program please click here
Happy Doing Online Business

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  1. vice-admin // September 7, 2009 at 9:02 PM  

    moga aja dapet untung gede dari ppc nya sis.. :thumbup:
    belajar percetakan