How to settings Telkomselflash Internet Connection for Huawei e220 modem?
This article will guide you to setting up your own modem for Telkomflash connection.

steps that you have to do and I will explain in detail below:

Step 1 register your sim card into telkomsel Simpati via sms by typing flash send to 3636 then wait for a reply from 3636 whose contents "as a sign that registration is successful. (Your registration successful)".

Step 2 enter your sim card into the modem e220.

Step 3 Connect the usb cable to pc desktop or laptop (If you have not installed a modem e220 modem e220 it will auto detect / automatic installation the software just follow the steps until finish).

step 4 after installed. if requested pin, insert your simcard pin (if forget the pin, stop reading this article and try to remind what your pin are).

Step 5 Click the mobile connect icon on the desktop and then Click Settings and then Network Connection Settings

6 steps for click new connection profile

7 steps fill the profile settings like the picture below and then save the profile settings have been made click on the save

step 8 click connect

if step 8 do not working try to re-connect and correction step 1 to step 7. and if successfully connect to the network using telkomsel / telkomsel flash settings. dialog box will appear that describes "Successful connection"

charge by using = 350/menit for Simpati card without having to buy packages of Telkomflash.

for a detail visit Here