google yahoo bing Between Bing, Yahoo!, and Google Search Engines. In October 2008, Microsoft finally make their decision to make search engine. Microsoft invest more than $80 Million to advertise Bing as name of their search engine.

Microsoft's relatively new "decision making engine" Bing gained market share last month, recovering slightly from the dip the service experienced in September.

Bing has been growing consistently with a month over month increase in market share since it launched in May of this year. However in September, the Microsoft-owned search engine dropped, falling by 1.1 percent and bringing its total market share down to 8.51 percent from 9.64 percent.

StatCounter reports that Bing rose slightly in October, taking 8.86 percent, a figure that's still under its peak of 9.64 percent in August.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! continues to lose market share, falling down to 8.91 percent in October (from 9.4 percent in September and 10.5 percent in August). Predictably, search giant Google is the beneficiary with the Mountain View-based company taking 80.39 percent of the U.S. market. According to StatCounter, this is Google's largest share since November '08,