Google chrome 3 is the new version of google chrome, this is the latest version browser of google released. This version has been released with various fiture added from last.

This release process concentrate to commemorate the 1st anniversary google chrome. In this version ,google has provided some additional fitures, so can make users more easier and comfortable to use it. Below are some features that offer such as:

  1. Faster than Ever.

    With V8 and SunSpider Benchmark, Google has improved by more than 150% in JavaScript performance since the first beta and 25% since the latest released.

  2. New Cool Page Tab

    The old New Tab page, which we’re now retiring

    The redesigned, new New Tab page

  3. The New Omnibox Dropdown Menu

  4. HTML 5 Capabilities

    As per Google official blog info :

    We’re very excited about HTML5 becoming standard in modern browsers, and continued to add HTML5 capabilities to this stable release. We’re particularly excited about the tag video in HTML5, which makes embedding videos in a page as simple as embedding regular images. The video tag also allows video playback without a plug-in.

    You can give the video tag a whirl in Google Chrome and also check out our 50th Chrome Experiment, which uses HTML5

  5. Themes Application for Google Chrome Browser

    On this New Google Chrome, user can change the theme of Google Chrome Browser by visiting Google Chrome Themes Gallery

If you was using the latest Google Chrome as your primary browser, you change it to New Google Chrome by download it at Google Chrome official site.

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