Open PDF File Faster. Did you feel bored when you open PDF file that needed much time ?, I think it's not good idea if you are people who have not much time. For the alternative you can use Foxit reader that offer speed effect. This application is free, so you can download and use it to read e-book, or anything that PDF file.

This application able to measure another PDF reader application such as Acrobat Reader that slowly given and need much PC resource, so why if our computer is do not have high specification, I think it would be a problem. Maybe, you can compare both of that application manually, or make your pdf spesific file by yourself and try to open it with 2 pdf reader application.

One of Foxit reader feature is browser integration that help you to connect it into browser and internet,Foxit reader make compatible in every operating system. If you want to try this you can download from their official site FoxitSoftware.Com.

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