Indonesian programming language, BAIK ( Bahasa Anak Indonesia untuk Komputer ) in english ( Language of Indonesian Children for Computers ) is a computer programming language designed style for script that can run at all operating systems, such as Windows (98/2000/XP/Vista/2003/2008) as well as Linux, Unix including the latest Mac OS.

This programming language created by Haris Hasanudin,MSc IT professional Indonesian, it build in open source form, so it may be used with any purpose (BAIK was really nice:))

BAIK has many easy fiture such as :

  • Code written in the form of plain text in Indonesian spelling.

  • Text editor (eg Notepad on windows, Emacs on Linux) can be used to write code.

  • Code compiled programs unnecessary. Source code should end in. Ina (Indonesia).

  • Variable in BAIK not require prior definition.

  • Defining the Function / Sub procedure.

  • All variables in global scope, which is valid throughout the program code.

  • Array / Arrays (in EITHER called Strings) only in one dimension.

  • BAIK can be used for Web System through CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

  • BAIK can also be used to create a network program (TCP / IP simple).

  • BAIK has a very small size, which can also be applied based system for Embeded Linux / Unix, such as robots.

  • Accessing MySQL Database version 4.0 upwards.

  • Create image file with a graphics library: GD version 2.0 or above.

Download this program : Here

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  1. Anonymous // March 23, 2010 at 4:09 AM  

    Excellent ! I never hear before about programming language in Indonesian. Good. For the future, programmers will write programs in their own language .

    I ever hear about programing language with local syntax, but this is very rare... Good Job!