Putney Swope Film

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This story telling about a black people that For years has been the only black executive at a major Madison Avenue advertising firm, and he is seen it all: the ins and outs of an industry that has unapologetically relegated people of color to the commercial margins.

When a twist of fate lands him in the executive's chair, Swope is determined to make some significant changes. He starts by transforming a previously all-white board room into an all-black meeting of dashiki-clad, Afro-sporting "brothers and sisters." But before long, Swope's ideas start to go stale--his plan to shake things up does little more than invert Madison Avenue's hierarchical structure--and all hell breaks loose. PUTNEY SWOPE is a loose, freewheeling satire on '60s corporate America from Robert Downey, Sr., arguably the master of underground film.

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