How to catridge care ?

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How to care for your printer Catridge to remain durable for a long time?.

Here, I will write for you a few tips for the confusion in care, maintenance Catridge type of ink-jet, toner Catridge. So make your Catridge efficient in its use.

  1. Cartridges tend to dry out quickly : When not in the printer cradle, always wrap cartridges with plastic wrapper and store it in air tight zip lock bag.

  2. Do not Shake your cartridge: This can cause damage to your cartridge's inside.

  3. Always store cartridges with their head down : Store cartridges in the upright position (printhead down) when they are not being used to prevent cross contamination of colors.

  4. Do not touch the print nozzles and circuit strip on cartridge: Never touch the electrical contacts or printhead on a cartridge with your fingers.

  5. Use Clip when not in use: If your cartridge came with a clip, put the empty cartridge back into the clip. If not, use a zip lock bag. Never use scotch tape in attempt to reseal.

  6. Store cartridges in a cool and dry place.

  7. Never expose your cartridge to direct sunlight.

  8. Never leave cartridges rmpty or full in a car for a longer duration.

  9. If your printing has a cleaning function, use it when print quality beigns to deteriorate.

  10. Do not continue to print if you are out of ink. Ink acts as a coolant for the print head. If you print without ink, you will burn the print head.

  11. Fill empty cartridge as soon as possible. This prevents them from drying up inside.

  12. When cartridge is not in use, don't store in high or freezing temperatures.

  13. For laser toner cartridge never touch the drum or never expose it to sunlight.

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